Circles in a Square

Show Globes in Times Square

Times Square has a new Exhibit focused on Broadway shows, and this time it is Show (play on Snow of course) Globes of three long running shows that offer the best of Broadway musicals – Wicked, Lion King and Aladdin. The Show Globes are impressive for their size and detail, and are a continuing series of Broadway focused exhibits and events in Times Square after the pandemic.

The Show Globes are being promoted right next to the Great White Way, which is a map of all the Broadway theaters in New York City, which are ironically not located on Broadway. As a reminder, theaters with 500 and more seats are considered Broadway theaters/shows, 100 – 499 seats make them off-Broadway theaters/shows, and 99 or less seats make them off off Broadway theaters/shows.

Here are some pictures of the Show Globes, which are competing for attention with the costumed characters in Times Square:

Here are some of the other recent Broadway themed exhibits in Times Square –

Meantime, I came across the Loews Paradise Theater in the Bronx, a long way from the Great White Way, but one of the prettiest theaters I have ever seen.


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