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Your Voices by Es Delvin at Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center has a new Public Art installation, and it is called Your Voices by Es Delvin. The description of this kinetic sculpture calls it ‘An illuminated sculpture celebrating New York as the most linguistically diverse city on the planet where over 700 languages are spoken”. The 700 cords represent the over 700 languages spoken in the City, which is an amazing fact to learn.

The sculpture rotates slowly, changing the viewer’s perspective as they look out through the cords even if they are standing still as different languages are spoken around them as part of the installation. Here is a great description of the piece as part of the installation.

The kinetic sculpture also includes different languages being played as part of the piece, highlighting this melting pot that we live in.

The cords make it very interesting visually from all angles, whether you are outside looking in or inside looking out –

The cords were held together by what looked to me like seat belts that could be tightened as needed.

On the other side of David Geffen Hall, which is on the right, there is a new installation that was unveiled just a couple of months ago called San Juan Heal by Nina Chanel Abney. It is a full wall paying homage to San Juan.

I also stumbled upon a lot of little gems at this visit. Right across the street was this Sing Along karaoke machine that needed to be turned at the top for the music to play, with lyrics written on the side.

There was also this Apple shaped seating space at Dante Park that I remember seeing at Hudson Yards over the summer.

A couple of streets away is this block that always makes me smile as I cross it. I mean, it is called Sesame Street at 63rd and Broadway as the Sesame Street workshop used to be located here.

And there is the 1 subway station below Lincoln Center at 66th Street, which has an art installation titled Artemis, Acrobats, Divas and Dancers by Nancy Spero that showcases all female figures, here are just a few pictures of the mosaic from this stunning collection.

All in all it made for a lovely evening to check out Your Voices at Lincoln Center.


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