21st Century Evening Auction at Christie’s

I stopped by Christie’s to view the art that was being auctioned off for Visionary: the Paul G. Allen collection, and chanced upon the art for another auction that went under the hammer this week called the 21st Century Evening Sale. I have to confess that I was a little confused while I was there as I had all of 30 minutes to take in the art, and I thought these pieces were part of the Visionary collection as I was not entirely tuned in to Christie’s auction schedule and catalogs, and for a moment there I was very impressed with the breadth of what I thought was Paul G. Allen’s cin ollection!

Here is the art that I saw from the 21st Century Evening Sale, which was auctioned on 17th Nov, 2022 for a total of $114M –

Here are some of the pieces from the 21st Century Evening Sale collection –

I didn’t realize that the Oct 27, 1982 and the New York Times paper were part of the same exhibit, hence the separate photographs!

And this piece needed a whole room all to itself! Charles Ray, Revolution Counter Revolution, sold for $2.1M

There were a couple of other pieces that caught my attention, this one is from Sculpting Paradise, the collection of Marie Lalanne by Claude Lalanne, this has yet to be auctioned –

And here is another stunning piece from the Post War & Contemporary Art Day Sale by Simone Leigh –

Seeing this art was purely a bonus given I was at Christie’s to see the Paul Allen collection!


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